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Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet (4,600 m2) facility in Orem, Utah. Bluehost employs over 750 people in its Utah facility.Bluehost was among those studied in the analysis of web-based hosting services in


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Web Advisor (Former Employee) says

"F*** bluehost. They're a s*** company who hired a big group of us full well knowing that they'd lay us off in a month. The training we got was a joke and any attempt in continued learning was met with derision."

Fraud Investigator (Former Employee) says

"No pay for upgrades and selling company product. Manager was there 10-times the whole summer. Expected to do job duties that were not in the interview or had anything to do with my Job Title such as Chargebacks. Got screamed at on every call which dealt with Chargebacks. Chargeback Specialist were non-responsive on helping the Customer Service team so it would leave Customers on the phone for 20-40 minutes with brief breaks. The communication and organization of this company is the worst I have ever seen. Horrible environment and employees hated this company!"

Procurement Lead Buyer (Former Employee) says

"free lunch, drinks everyday , health was good, great work environment, management was good until i changed bosses. like how it was close to my house not a long drive to go to work"

Web Advisor & Social Media Lead (Former Employee) says

"The company was bought out by a larger web hosting company and ever since then the only thing they cared about was trying to sell more product to the customer when you were trying to just support the customer. Lots of downtime for failing and old servers.Not muchManagment"

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Stressful focus on sales. Learned about web design was good until they were sold sales centric sales was hardest did not enjoy anything about the job anymore.can't think of any anymoreManagement became sales centric after company was sold"

Web Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Bluehost Host is a company that doesnt care about employees low wage little oppertunity for advancement. the company use to good then got bought by eig a corporaste giant that is ruining the company enviroment.nothinglow wage"

Knowledge Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Bluehost started as a great place to work but with the constant changes and leadership upheaval, with ALL the leaders being let go, the whole culture got ruined. Cost overrun was a major issue.Constant policy change, cut-throat management"

Server Professional/Technical Support Manager (Former Employee) says

"Bluehost was good before EIG purchased it. If you worked hard, learned a lot, you could move up. Now all that matters is who you butter up. Politics run everything. Moving up has nothing to do with skill or knowledge. They are only a slight plus. The management is completely incompetent and none have any true management skills. The company owners know nothing about how to make a company improve and prosper, just how to squeeze as much as they can out of a company before off-loading it. Don't think I need to explain more than the fact that Bluehost was purchased as the fastest growing top listed web hosting providers in the business. Right when the purchase was complete they began changing as much as they could to squeeze an extra dollar out of the company. By the time I left you can hardly find a good review of bluehost anywhere and you would have to go back multiple pages on a search engine to find it. Need I say more?Decent work environment and decent pay.Ownership and management imcompetence. Lack of advancement opportunity. Most other things"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Managemeny is Number driven and cares little 5o nothing about customer success and longevity. Terrible insurance options. Continually raised goals and lowered commissions.Paid time offCut throat environment"


"The people were great. The hardest part of this job was wanting to help the clients more, and we were unable to do so. I wasn't at this occupation for very long as I didn't feel like I was helping clients that were calling in for assistance. We had to refer them back to their website/hosting and walk them through how to do things. We weren't able to assist clients further than that."

Frontend Developer (Former Employee) says

"BlueHost management took care of its employees, liked us, treated us great, and were incredible. Then EIG took over and drove us into the ground. It became terrible to work there, benefits were slashed, bonuses and perks were taken away, it became unbearable. Then they laid everyone off that worked at BlueHost even though we were their only brand making them money."

Web Adviser (Former Employee) says

"Not sufficient pay for the amount of work expected to accomplish/technical knowledge, you are told to use Google to solve issues if nobody knows. Really is a sales job although they don't really get that across to you before working there. Not adequate support staff so long hold times for customers which angers customers by the time they get through to representative.a jobpay low"

Sales Representative / Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"When I started at Bluehost it was great. You were respected and treated as a human. As time went on you became a number. Then benefits and pay were cut. They then started laying people off saying they wouldn't lay anyone else off. It was a flat lie. Within the next four months they laid everyone off. Management is inexperienced and it shows. Poorly managed they don't know how to manage a call center to ensure good support.Benefits (insurance)Basically everything"

Support Engineer | Web Advisor (Former Employee) says

"At first was a great place to work but after a year or so felt like I was not telling customers the truth when I would say they are working to fix issues they were having. Hard to be happy at work when you feel you are being dishonest.PeopleThe company that bought them."

Web Advisor (Current Employee) says

"company is not doing very well and there are a lot of issues with management. they fired a ton of the upper level management all at once. that pretty much says it all."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management and their policies are directed toward expecting a very high turnover rate, and so does nothing to try to keep employees happy at the company. Rather, they prefer constant training and low wages to new staff. No one stays there for very long. I saw immense turnover, with nearly everyone I started with in about a one year term."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Little to no direction from upper management. Everything is reactive. Management is old school "do this thing now, don't ask questions, or else". Great at being bosses, terrible at being effective leaders. Workplace culture is fine. People keep to themselves. Hardest part of my job is dealing with upper management. Most enjoyable part of the job is going home.Not manyUpper management"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Friends are promoted over qualified individuals. Their support department doesn't care about the customer and solving the problem they only care about making money off of up-selling customers unneeded products.Techs are a fun group of peopleManagement is clueless."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"After taking 90 calls a day, you were dead tired. Barely enough energy left to make it home at night. Quota was 45-50/day, and doubling that earned me no advancement, no reward, no anything but a headache.dual monitorseverything"

Web Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Work for BlueHost is pretty average place to work. Typically you will spend your full shift talking to callers who are angry and who do actually need assistance but the tools you are given are not enough and there is not enought help when you need it"

Penta-Power says

"I tried to signed up account with them 2 years ago but they nagged on my ID cards. What for? To steal data and abuse privacy. What a horrible company! Avoid it at all costs."

Emilio Rodriguez says

"I spent more than an hour talking to their people yesterday and even the supervisor, about my migration. Today my website is gone as nobody explain to me or offer me the service of migration of my website nor explained to me the process. Now I needed a responsible person for this I lost my website because of their staff incompetence. I was refused to speak with a manager after 50 min today. There is no control in this company."

oliver says

"Bluehost made a mess of migrating my websites over since day one. To this day they have not migrated my websites to their servers in over 2 months. They created a mess hosting my email accounts too, changing DNS a A Record pointers without moving the website data. They pick up the phone in a reasonable amount of time but then nothing ever happens, no escalation, nobody would ever call you back. Nobody cares... I've spent at least 100 hours on hold on the phone with absolutely zero results so far. Next week i will switch to another hosting company because it was all a waste of time and money so far."

Paul says

"Stole from my credit card, now referred to card company. They are complete and utter thieves. They deliberately manipulated the system to make a charge and charged the maximum fee they possibly could without my permission. UPDATE Card company has passed to their fraud department due to the nature of the way the charge was implemented"

Aggie Michael says

"Absolutely the worst stressful experience, I have spent so much money with Bluehost and I regret it. I am warning everyone to stay away from this company they’re nothing but scammers and ONLY want your MONEY!"

Thomas says

"Bluehost makes is all seem easy - but it's all a mess. Nothing is possible, and whatever they tell you will be fixed - will only have to be fixed by yourself. I have paid more than 4000 USD to Bluehost, and what I have had in return is a disgrace."

Dan Theyer says

"I can't get "escalation support" to respond to a simple request. Theyve totally hijacked my email service that I pay monthly for. Would not recommend bluehost to my worst enemy"

Kristi Ellenburg Garrison says

"I signed up with them in 2018 and loved the site. I am a novice and needed the site as just a blog, so I only needed basics. I have been very happy with them until today when I received my credit card bill. My website fees automatically renewed and went from about $50 per year to $700. After calling and speaking with 3 different people, they said they could give me a one-time price for 3 years. (which was around $300) If I chose to cancel, I would lose 3 years of work. If I kept the site, then I would be in same place again only to lose 6 years of work. This company sucks you in with cheap introductory rates, and then blows the prices up to an exorbitant rate. I almost renewed anyway just to keep from losing all of my posts. Now I feel as if I have wasted so much money, time, and memories. I would NOT recommend this company."

Tracie O'Neal Pape says

"If there was a way to give them negative stars I would. Bluehost charged me $503 for a domain that was inactive and I have spent nearly 4 hours trying to get it sorted out. Worst customer service experience I have had in years."

Patrick Dillon says

"If I could give their customer service zero stars, I would. I spent hours on chat with them trying to organise site migration and no one had any answers. Avoid at all costs."

Chuck W. says

"miserable company miserable experience - reps hardly understand issues before messing w giant aspects of core architecture super casually - my site wont ever adequately recover - i was a customer maybe 60 hours and was on support chat AT LEAST 15 of those hours - to never accomplish a thing - instead i pointed my name servers back to wp and id pay blue host to go away at this point. perhaps a model they should explore?"

Shardy Zazzi says

"I transferred my website’s hosting to Bluehost because I was advised to change my site to Wordpress from Joomla and read that Bluehost was very good for sites developed in Wordpress. I spoke at length to one of their staff on their chat facility before making my decision and a question I asked them was, ‘as well as migrating my site over will Bluehost re-create it in Wordpress?’ I asked this question a number of times to ensure they understood what I was asking and that it was a definite yes. On each occasion the answer was a yes. HOWEVER, when the migration was done I was then advised that this was not possible. When I asked them why I had paid the extra £179 I was told this was just for the migration. Not very happy I pointed out that I had gone with them based on the chat I had with their employee. I asked them to check the transcript of the conversation but, conveniently, they said they didn’t keep a record of it. After going backward and forward a few times I resigned my to having to pay them to re-develop my site. One of their employees wrote to me and said it would cost around $350 so I proceeded to speak to the team that would do it, for a firmer quote. This ended up being nearly 6 times as much as I was originally quoted! So I am now in the position of having transferred to another hosting company that can’t do what they said they could and spent an extra $179 for something I didn’t get. Not very happy at all!"

V Lashing says

"Bait and switch pricing. Yes I understand promotions. But the advertised renewal rate is not what I was billed later. To top it off, they offered my a discount then proceeded to charge my credit card every day for the same charge over and over again. I used them for 2 years. Uptime was good, pages loaded fast. The control panel is odd and the interface to sign in is goofy with the "lets take on the world" slogan. The server constantly put wordpress files in my folders and they changed my htaccess file without telling me multiple times. I had it set to avoid hotlinking and they kept changing it. Uploading and setting up was difficult at first and support was pretty bad. I moved to another host over recent billing issues and the new service was way easier and more intuitive. Bluehost didnt seem to care that I was moving at all. My sites are not big business. Nor have I caused them any grief. All I got was "our upgrades caused a system error thats why you were billed 3x" uh ok, that's supposed to make me stick around and wait for more? To top it off they wont let me delete my credit card from their system."

High Spy says

"IPad login to cpanel AGAIN doesn’t work! Mostly they’re a pretty good web host, but not here. And another issue is there’s no way to do a tracking ID for a phpBB install. Google too I’ll ding for that one, but Bluehost best respond and fix, else they’ll get one star next!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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